Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A well written piece by Bob Herbert in the NYT on August 25 pretty much summarizes why I volunteered for a 2 week rotation at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center. All seriously wounded US military personnel are transported there after initial treatment in Iraq or Afghanistan. After stabilization at Landstuhl, they are flown back to hospitals in the US. The Society for Vascular Surgery has encouraged civilian vascular surgeons to assist military surgeons in the care of these wounded soldiers. I'll be writing about my experiences and, hopefully, be getting feedback from some of you reading this blog. When my 2 week rotation is completed, I'll be winding down at Oktoberfest in nearby Munich (maybe less writing during this time...). I hope this blog is entertaining and informative - your comments will be much appreciated.


  1. Jay,

    What you're doing is very admirable. Stay safe.

    A. Chan

  2. I agree. What you're doing is very admirable.

    I'm here via Shadowfax's post.

  3. Thanks for linking this article. I am joining the Army Reserves as a CRNA and my family and friends think I am crazy. I will likely end up at Landstuhl in the next few years. I have emailed the article and a link to your blog to them to help them understand my motivation. I will keep checking back for updates.