Sunday, September 13, 2009

With the buzz of international travel propping me up I'm sleepless in over 24 hours. Picked up by driver at Frankfurt airport - the ride to Landstuhl on the autobahn was a little bit out of my comfort zone. I don't think the boxy Ford van was designed to go 90 miles an hour, passing sleek Eurocars like they were playthings. The German driver was alternately on his cellphone and changing the radio station (which played recognizable songs by Pink, Snow Patrol and Phil Collins mixed with Europop).

After check in at base at the Landstuhl Inn (one of a chain of Air Force Inns across Germany and maybe elsewhere) I walked about 1.5 km (I'm metric now) downhill to the town of Landstuhl. A mini version of Oktoberfest was happening so I sampled a currywurst (apparently a local favorite) and a cheese crepe (OK, but not as good as the Swiss version). Luckily, beer is spoken in an international language, because I forgot to bring the German phrase book to town. I also forgot to bring the camera, so no photos today.

Tomorrow (Monday) morning I'll get checked in to the hospital, which is only a block or so away from my room. I'll post details of the 1st clinical day tomorrow.

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